Good Finance, which is preferred by more and more people in its individual customer base, is among the most advantageous institutions that consumers can use for credit. Receiving thousands of loan applications every day, Good Finance makes it possible to learn and query the loan application result through various service channels in order to respond to consumers who want to obtain information after the loan application.

Consumers who want to find out what their application is after making a loan application, all they need to do is to keep the reference number or form number posted after the application.

When will the application be concluded?

When will the application be concluded?

When the loan application will be finalized is entirely related to which loan application has been submitted and whether the campaign has participated. For example, if an application is transmitted on the internet branch or mobile branch for a loan with instant allocation, the loan application will be finalized within 10 minutes and will be allocated to the account upon request.

On the other hand, if an application is submitted for the needy products, such as vehicle loan or home loan, as required by the legislation, the evaluation of the loan application can take up to 3 business days. In fact, if the evaluations made within 3 working days show a result that the loan application may be risky, it may be possible to queue for personnel review.

It can take up to 5 days for the loan applications that are put on the job queue on behalf of the personnel to be evaluated and evaluated. In this process, consumers should not submit loan applications to different banks, otherwise, they will have a negative impact on the credit rating.

How to Ask an Application


It is possible for consumers who want to question the fate of the loan application they transmit, through the Good Finance branches or the Good Finance call center.

Consumers who want to learn about the result of the loan application or inquire about the application via the Good Finance call center, simply call the call center 444 88 88 and connect to the customer representative via the credit information line.

It is possible for the consumers who want to learn the status of the loan application through the branch service channel, by going to the nearest branch with the identity card.

What happens after the application?

What happens after the application?

Consumers who receive a positive response as a result of the evaluations made after the submitted loan application should go to the branch to complete the allocation process for the general-purpose loan product. A consumer loan usage agreement is signed, an ID copy is issued, and the loan is instantly transferred to the deposit account.

Consumers who submit applications for housing and vehicle loans leave the branch after submitting the necessary documents. The Bank contacts the appraisers in the light of the said documents and requests the examination of the goods subject to the loan. After the expertise examination, the property is valued and it is decided how much credit can be given in accordance with the legislation. Then, the consumer is informed about how much of the product can be credited and is invited to the branch to complete the loan allocation and sign the loan usage contract.

Can Returns Take Place?


If the loan application is responded positively, it is possible to return the loan even after it is transferred to the account. In accordance with this right, which is evaluated within the scope of consumer rights and is called the right of withdrawal, it is possible to return it to the bank exactly within 14 days after the loan is allocated, provided that the loan is not used.

Due to the said refund, no interest, penalty or commission payment is made and the life insurance premium payment made is also refunded. According to the law in question, the consumer gives the loan back to the bank without any damage.

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